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The festival that celebrates the filmmakers of tomorrow- now.

CineMuskoka is seeking submissions from filmmakers who want to celebrate their films in a beautiful place.

Set in the heart of Canada’s favorite cottage country, CineMuskoka is perfectly positioned to debut in a vibrant town at the peak of it’s summer season. The town is teeming with both summer cottagers and enthusiastic locals ready to celebrate your hard work with you at the after party.

Co-founded by film-makers J.L. Munce and Oliver Ward, CineMuskoka is hosted by the town of Huntsville, Muskoka starting Labour Day weekend every year, September 1st to 3rd in 2017

The festival is scheduled in Muskoka a week before TIFF allowing filmmakers to find their bearings in a less-intimidating atmosphere. Where else, for instance, could you go for a paddle up a gently winding river by day and step out of your canoe onto the red carpet to attend your screening that evening? Imagine swimming in a warm misty lake by morning, taking in screenings by day and night, and topping off the evening at an after-screening party, ambling down Muskoka River on a barge filled with people who just saw your film. And now imagine heading to the big show in Toronto with a relaxed body and mind, filled with the positive glow of new festival experiences.

Muskoka has a long history of free-spirited artists and honest hard working people, both drawn to the region by the unparalleled beauty.

This is what we look for at CineMuskoka.

Our two to three screen festival is hosted at the unique Algonquin Theatre.  The main venue for our festival.  Much like Huntsville's motto, "Touch the past, embrace the future," our main stage is the future. Algonquin Theatre has cozy and intimate seating, state of the art sound and rich cinematic projection. You'll enjoy the balcony space, the elevated view of downtown, and the large reception hall for our maple whiskey toast on opening night.

We also have the outdoor park available for our second venue for late night screenings.  Movies under the stars, a true Muskoka experience.  

We have yet to determine where our 3rd all-day indoor screening venue will be at this time.  Stay tuned! 

A very important part of Cinemuskoka is the promotion of our filmmakers. Every day of the festival filmmakers have the opportunity to participate in press junkets, interviews and Q&A's all digitally covered for promotion on social media and online. Every filmmaker leaves Cinemuskoka with more of an online presence than what they came with - All just in time to head down to TIFF the following week.

With the support of the town, the festival will integrate into downtown spaces for outdoor events, live music and free night-time screenings in the park on the river.

Film Makers attending CineMuskoka not only need to have their films seen, they are encouraged to collaborate, network and sample all that Huntsville has to offer.

This is the Festival. We are the answer. If you want to be seen, to be heard, to have an experience that lasts long beyond the screening... come join us for the inaugural year at CineMuskoka.


We’d love to see your work!

We’d love to have your help!

We’d love to work with you!

We want to celebrate the hard working indie-Producers who find a way to get these stories told.

See For Yourself


Huntsville, ON Canada


The festival that celebrates the filmmakers of tomorrow- now.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Cinemuskoka offers a variety of corporate sponsorship packages. Our aim is to provide opportunities for all brand sizes and budgets. We accomplish this by creating a mix of cross promotional marketing, merchandising, visuals for brand awareness, access to our events, social media and screen sponsor credits. We merge the excitement of the screen with the quality of your brand to deliver a lasting experience for our audience.

CineMuskoka At a Glance: Two Theaters

Algonquin Theatre

  • 700 seat capacity
  • Four days of screening
  • 10 feature length films, 25 short films
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Outdoor patio
  • Licensed Reception space below theatre

A Unique Sponship Opporunity

  • Associate yourself with a unique film festival in the heart of Ontario cottage country
  • Promote and position yourself with CineMuskoka at its inception
  • Generate diverse and valuable PR with a growing cultural event.
  • Entertain clients, privilege your customers and staff with an experience money can’t buy
  • Access a diverse audience year round through our online marketing, website, and social media communications.

Audience Profile
This is year one for CineMuskoka, however, we aim to attract a dynamic mix of indie filmmakers coming from every corner of Canada and the U.S. as well as media representatives (indie magazines, local newspapers and radio, main stream publications and Television) Add to this a great mix of passionate Muskokans, summer cottagers, local celebrities and most importantly the youth and next generation of Muskokan artists.

Sponsorship Packages











Customized targeted emails to our mailing list.
Banner/Signage in all theatres & event spaces
Recognition in CineMuskoka’s social networking outlets (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
Logo on CineMuskoka website
VIP access to all CN Film Festival Events
Exclusive presenting title of the inaugural CineMuskoka Film Festival      
Official host of the Opening Night Party      
Official host of the Closing Night Party      
Ad spot before all screenings 60 Seconds 30 Seconds 15 Seconds 15 Seconds
Branded videos featuring filmmakers & actors
Placement on CineMuskoka’s step and repeat
Customizable activations and branding at CineMuskoka’s TIFF party (one week following CineMuskoka festival, hosted in Toronto)      
Ad in all festival programs Full Page Ad 1/2 Page Ad Shared Page Ad  
CineMuskoka Festival Passes 10 Passes 5 Passes 2 Passes 2 Passes
Official host of CineMuskoka Keystone Event      
Associate sponsor of opening night film and party      
Associate Sponsor of the Film Maker Reception      
Associate sponsor of closing night Film and Party      
Branding on videos featuring filmmakers and actors      
Host of a CineMuskoka Featured Event (Q&A’s, Meet the film-maker mixer)      
Sponsor of a themed Screening (Doc night, Animation Night, Short Film groupings)      
Sponsor banners at after Parties and Receptions      
Sponsor’s product on-site at each CineMuskoka screenings and parties      
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